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Christmas dinner

Wow! What a year we've had! 

2020 has caused a lot of changes to normality and sadly, we have also had to change a bit too! As you know, our delicious turkeys are home reared, slowly, for a longer period of time to give them their yummy taste, and unfortunately we had to order our turkey chicks back in March, just before lockdown.


Trying to look into the future and guess what our situation would be like in December, has made us realise that we should not swap turkey rearing for fortune telling! As we write this, 6 months later, in September, with the recent introductions of the "Rule of 6", we realise that our 2019-led supply of smaller turkeys is probably not going to meet our demand for this Christmas. 


Therefore this year, whilst we will continue to offer the option of a whole turkey or a Crown on the bone, we are also offering the option of having a half turkey. The benefits of a half turkey mean that you will receive half of a larger more succulent bird, still filled with our trade mark flavour and juiciness. We are happy to vacuum pack one half of the turkey for you to then freeze and use later on; maybe for Easter when hopefully "Rule of 6" will be long forgotten (fingers crossed). 

For those happy to consider ordering a larger bird, we urge you to do so this year; we will be introducing a whole host of delicious recipes that can be made with leftover turkey.  The possibilities are endless!

As always, we will endeavour to meet your order, but we hope you understand that this year, it may be slightly more challenging for us to do so!

Finally, we are working hard to encourage social distancing here at Fields Farm and with that in mind, we will be introducing "collection slots" on our pickup day of Wednesday 23rd December. When you order your turkey, please book a collection slot at the same time. We will also not be able to offer our usual table of goodies on "T-Day" but you will be able to still pre-order sauces and the rest as usual. The children are most upset that we probably won't be able to hand out chocolates (which of course they manage to eat more of anyway!).

Thank you so much for  your continued support, as always, we can't wait to see you, from a social distance on 23rd December. 


Chris & Julie 

Fields Farm Fresh Christmas Turkeys

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Our collection day is Wednesday 23rd December 2020(8am - 7pm)

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