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Fields Farm Fresh Christmas Turkeys


- Ordering -

How to order

You can order by telephone on 01270 753074, by email to or through our "shop" below. 

Which bird is right for you? 

Our turkeys are raised as naturally as possible and unlike supermarket birds don’t come in exact weights so we supply weights in the following ranges:

Please note that serving quantities are a guide and will depend on portion size and how much you’d like left over for the following days

If you have a special request, require a specific weight, or just want to ask us a question, then feel free to contact us.


£4.50 per lb or the equivalent £9.92 per kg for crowns or whole birds.

£13 per kg for turkey breast rolls (only available up to around 2kg).  


To secure your delicious Christmas dinner, we require a £25 or £20 deposit, which

can be paid via Paypal or by credit or debit card. Please note that we are unable to

charge you for the whole turkey at ordering stage, as we do not know ultimately

how big & therefore how much your turkey will cost. If you are looking to pay more

towards your turkey and spread the cost, please contact us to discuss. 


We believe that a whole bird produces the best eating, however, we appreciate

that this doesn’t suit everyone. We can supply a crown on the bone with the wings. 

Legs & thighs are taken off for your convenience and supplied separately. These

will make a tasty casserole, curry or could be frozen and saved for later use.

To order a crown, you should select the size of whole bird you need and we will do the work for you. 


We will endeavour to make sure that every customer gets the weight they order but we do reserve the right to substitute a bird of a different weight or a half bird. 

Our shop

Please note that the price shown below is deposit only - there will be a balance to pay on collection day depending on the size of your bird. 

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