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Fields Farm Fresh Christmas Turkeys


-  Our Turkeys -

We are located very close to the beautiful Cheshire town of Sandbach and are the only local producer of turkeys.

  • Our turkeys are reared locally on our family farm

  • Our turkeys are reared ethically in large open barns with natural light, ventilation and deep home grown straw

  • We enhance our barns with hanging CDs toys and straw bales for a turkey playtime

  • We feed our turkeys a locally sourced cereal based feed with vegetable protein, without additives, drugs or growth promoters

  • Our turkeys are processed on site in a humane and environmentally friendly manner

  • Our turkeys are traditionally plucked and hand finished

  • Our turkeys are hung for over 7 days for a richer, fuller flavour

  • Our turkeys are not gas flushed and never frozen


Most importantly, our turkeys are delicious!

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